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Bike tourism is an enjoyable way to experience an active form of vacationing, is for all ages. Everyone has the possibility to get to know this fascinating way of traveling.

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Description Prices THE E-MOUNTAIN BIKE is the new WAY TO ENJOY BIKING. It allows you to explore challenging and long-term routes even when you are not fully trained. You will appreciate the breathtaking surroundings without feeling any gap between you and whoever is fitter than you, just pure fun. Bike tourism is an enjoyable way […]

bicycles for rent, offer

E-Bike Trekking

Description Prices Electric bicycles for trekking help to tackle challenging and long-lasting routes, even without adequate physical preparation. The electric bicycle reduces the gap with those who are more prepared, in order to appreciate the tour, without lasting too much effort. PRICES 1 day 2dd – 5dd 6dd – 12dd 13dd + Bike 50,00€ 45,00€ […]

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bicycles for rent, offer

Gravel bike

Description Prices The Gravel bikes are very versatile, they allow you to easily tackle different types of terrain, they are the ideal way to accompany you both on the road and on the dirt road. They are light, snappy but also robust bicycles, capable of giving their best everywhere. – Carbon frame – schimano ultegra […]

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Description Prices This race bike is made for traveling on paved streets. Its fundamental characteristics are its light weight and aerodynamics, thanks to which, the bike can reach very high speeds. If velocity is a must for your cycling trips, our race bike is a perfect companion for your adventures. PRICES 1 day 2dd – […]

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Description Prices True bikes and MTBs, perfectly created for children, even the smallest ones, so that they can have fun cycling with ease and safety thanks to regulated components and a light frame perfect for them. PRICES 1 day 2dd – 5dd 6dd – 12dd 13dd + Bike 10,00€ 6,00€ / dd 5,00€ / dd […]

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bicycles for rent, offer


Description Prices Mountain bikes are made to go off road for both climbs and slopes. To be able to deal with these roads, they are equipped with wheels with a bigger diameter compared to street bikes, and this gives them more grip on rough roads. Many cycling tourists appreciate this type of bike due to […]

bike rental tuscany pisa

bicycles for rent, offer


Description Prices These are bike that can be used on both street and off road terrain. Hybrid bikes are ideal for tourism by bike: a perfect compromise between a race bike and a mountain bike. It’s perfect for long trips. Many cycling tourists choose hybrid bikes because it can carry baggage and is more comfortable […]


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Trekking E-Bike – new bike available for hire. Available for rental the Kalkhoff electric trekking bicycle. The e-trekking bike is perfect for long bike rides. The batteries provide more than sufficient support for journeys up to 200 km.